How to Raise an Environmentalist

Encouraging children to form an emotional attachment to nature may be key to protecting our planet’s future.

by Jill Suttie as posted in “Yes!” magazine

Sep 24, 2016

Originally posted by “Greater Good”

We read it in the news every day. From climate change to overfishing to deforestation, it seems that we are on the brink of a natural disaster on an epic scale. If we cannot do something to reverse these trends, we will surely make our planet uninhabitable.

But how do we encourage people—especially our kids—to care more and take action?

Scientists are starting to uncover how to encourage that compassionate concern in children. Social scientists are beginning to look for answers to this question with some prom…

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D.C. Opens First Compost Site, Adds Anti-Idling Technology to Police Cars
April 24, 2013
by Don Baxter
DC City Buzz Examiner

On the heels of Earth Day, in a continuing effort to make the District of Columbia the healthiest, greenest and most livable city in the country, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and city officials announced the opening of a new organic compost site Wednesday.

At the beginning of April, the Department of Public Works (DPW) began helping hotels, restaurants and grocery stores expand composting of organic waste. Since then, the Benning Road transfer station has collected more than 177 tons of food waste and transferred to a Richmond, Virginia compost facility.

“By composting this material, nutrients in the food are turned into s…

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An Electrifying Idea - Community Solar Gardens

by Francis P. Koster, Ed.D.

One of my favorite statements by a corporate leader goes something like this: “If change outside of your organization is happening faster than change on the inside, the end is near.”  (Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric).  This is happening to a lot of organizations that provide you energy.  

In August of 2015, the average American home spent around $1,100 per year on electricity. [1] About two-thirds of that comes from very polluting and climate-changing coal and natural gas.[2]  Things are ”heating up,” as you may have noticed. Heading off trouble is going to require a lot of effort and expense to eliminate the greenhouse gas and p…

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Plastic Microbeads In Toothpaste

 By Francis P. Koster, Ed.D.

If you buy Crest toothpaste, it has little plastic pieces in it - put there on purpose. 


It even tells you on the label.  Go to the little “inactive ingredients” text on the side of the box, and you will find the word “polyethylene”.  

About 18 months ago, the general public began to be aware of this when dentists and dental hygienists found little pieces of plastic stuck in patients infected or swollen gums.  The original concern was that the plastic bits were causing harm to patients.  Since that time, a bigger concern has begun emerging.

After brushing your teeth, once you rinse your mouth, those little plastic bits go down the drain,…

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The Personal Moral Issue Around Climate Change

by Francis P. Koster, Ed.D

We have two decades to save life on earth as we know it - and I am not kidding[i].

About 150 years ago we unknowingly started making gasses that are coming back to hurt us. They came from the carbon-based fuels - coal, oil, and natural gas. We have been rapidly increasing production of these gasses every year since the late 1800s. [ii]These gasses float up, and over decades create the equivalent of an oven around our collective living quarters - our earth. [iii]

The cooking has started.

A quick recap: We just finished the warmest 6 months on record for the entire globe.[iv] The August 2015 sea surface temperature was the highest for any month in the ex…

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