Stop Passing Gas About Importing Oil

by Francis P. Koster, Ed.D.

The United States spends one billion dollars every day importing petroleum ,i We literally export money that could be used to create jobs in order to fuel our cars.

One big misunderstanding in our society is the belief that if we drill for and produce oil from underneath the ground or water of the United States, the oil is "ours" - as if the oil becomes national property, like the Statue of Liberty, or the Grand Canyon. This is not accurate.

Unlike most of the other oil producing counties of the world, which treat oil as a national asset, and the country really does "own" it, in the United States we treat it like a natural resource to be sold on the global market -…

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 Driver Education Reduces Vehicle Idling Time by 70%,

Reduces Air Pollution, Saves Gasoline

by Jon Kennedy

Encouraging drivers to turn their engines off when parked conserves oil and gasoline, decreases smog levels, improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves money. Idling vehicles represent wasted energy and unnecessary pollution. Changing the behavior of drivers is possible and valuable.

A community study and project in Canada has determined ways to reduce the number of idling vehicles by one third and the length of time those cars idle by 70%.

Several government and non-government organizations conducted a study to determine effective ways of encouraging motorists to turn off their engines when idling. The stu…

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Zipcar Rentals Save Money, and Cut Fuel and Pollution

FastFleet by Zipcar offers cost-effective vehicle sharing options for government fleets

by Bethany Nuckolls

“Time share” half hour rental of vehicles results in savings to businesses and government using the Zipcar model.

The idea behind the company is investment in sharing vehicles rather than owning is growing in popularity.  Zipcar uses a wireless network that uses the internet to connect an available fleet of cars to card-holding members. 

Via a device called the Zipcar M200 installed in each rental car, renters can use their membership cards to unlock the doors of any Zipcar vehicle not reserved and activate the keys inside.[i]  They can also use a newl…

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