Zipcar Rentals Save Money, and Cut Fuel and Pollution

FastFleet by Zipcar offers cost-effective vehicle sharing options for government fleets

by Bethany Nuckolls

“Time share” half hour rental of vehicles results in savings to businesses and government using the Zipcar model.

The idea behind the company is investment in sharing vehicles rather than owning is growing in popularity.  Zipcar uses a wireless network that uses the internet to connect an available fleet of cars to card-holding members. 

Via a device called the Zipcar M200 installed in each rental car, renters can use their membership cards to unlock the doors of any Zipcar vehicle not reserved and activate the keys inside.[i]  They can also use a newl…

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Small Loans to the Poor Yield 99% Payback Rate

 Small Loans to the Poor Yield 99% Payback Rate

Micro-Credit Institution Offers “High Risk,” Job Creating,

by Jon Kennedy

Grameen America has developed a system that successfully creates small business entrepreneurs within impoverished United States neighborhoods. Although the borrowers often lack prior business knowledge before entering the program, of those participating, 99% pay back their loans in full. [1] In a time of widening income gaps, microcredit is proving itself to be an effective tool in improving standards of living and emotional well-being, particularly for those usually considered poor risks for capital to start new job-creating companies in areas of high unemployment.

Microcredit is the extension of very small loans (…

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 Jobs and Year Round Veggies with Solar Heat

12 Month Food Production Using Unheated Greenhouses

Creates Profit, Jobs and Secure Food Supply

by Jon Kennedy

Roughly 15 percent of all fruits and vegetables consumed in the United States are imported from outside our borders. (1)  This creates both a cash drain to local economies and a potentially unprotected vector for injection of disease into our food supply.

Growing fresh vegetables profitably in all regions of the United States during every month of the year is possible. Eliot Coleman has been perfecting the process for several decades, and now he is sharing his methods with the rest of us. Access to a library of historical observations, a working farm acting as a personal labora…

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Regarding Other Good Sites

by Francis P. Koster Ed. D. 

TheOptimisticFuturist is pleased to offer a number of locally implementable solutions to national problems.  In some cases, others have created wonderful websites on specific topics and we are pleased to point to them and send you on your way, knowing you’ll come back and visit us when you are looking for success stories in other areas.

In the realm of Education, we’ve found several excellent sites that celebrate projects, techniques, and methods that are proven, replicable, and a good investment.  They beat us to the punch!  Know of a good site we’re missing?  We invite you to let us know by submitting your nomination for additional sites.

Below you will find…

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