Article Guidelines

Guidelines for Article Topics

The program need not be in existence, but when it was, it must have been documented to have worked. Make sure you explain your criteria for success (number of pounds collected, kids who can read, gallons saved, etc.), and the cost benefit.

No limit on words, but we note that readers tend to focus more on those that are about a single 8 ½ x 11 page or page and a half in length.

Given that reading is becoming a lost art, your program will attract many more viewers if you can spice it up with one or two photos or charts, etc, and a YouTube video.

All assertions of fact must be footnoted. Same for quotes, awards, praise, etc.

If the good news is taken from an internal document (submission to your board of directors, etc) and not already public, give us a contact phone number so we can discuss the source document.

Nominations can have been from the Public, the "for-profit" or the "not-for-profit" sector. When such efforts were grant funded, or heavily supported by volunteers, we will attempt to report the value of such subsidy to determine if the output is worth the input.  In many cases some form of subsidy has been used to explore an innovation, and/or underwritten proof of concept, but when the subsidy stops the good idea vanishes from view.  We want to harvest that hard work and make it available for others to build on.  We will publicize subsidized successes, but will attempt to be clear about the subsidy.

We do not publish information on new ideas, untested concepts, or visions without a successful track record, no matter how exciting they may seem.  We will, however, publish information on efforts that succeeded, and then ended.  We limit the content of this website to programs which function in the United States because of our unique laws, culture, tax code, and social structure.

After review by our team to verify that it meets our criteria, the summary will be posted. 

Make sure you include the subject organizations name, address, contact number, and website if any.

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