Success Stories

Thank you for sharing solutions to educational challenges.

We value your contribution to the public discourse on improving young students’ capacity to learn.  With your help, our community can build upon the hard-earned success of others’ early efforts.

To aid readers in appreciating your story, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Answer the following questions in your submission:

  • Who took action to improve conditions for students?

E.g., individuals or organizations—private or public, for-profit or charitable

  • How were/are the impacts of such improvements measured?

E.g., replacement of outdated HVAC systems; removal of lead in water fountains; identifying children with vision issues

  • How was cost overcome?

E.g., special taxing district, private or public grant or subsidy, volunteers, etc.

2. Include footnotes for assertions of fact and quotations and provide credit for sources of images.

3.  Limit your text to 700 words or less.

4.  Upload images, graphics such as tables and charts, hot links, and video or audio, if instrumental to presenting your content.

Success Story Form

Disclaimer:  The Optimistic Futurist cannot guarantee publication of your story on our website. In addition, we may contact you to discuss editing your submission to clarify content, manage length, protect individual privacy, or similar purpose, while attempting to preserve your meaning.

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