Posted by: Francis Koster Published: March 8, 2009

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Fran received his doctorate from The Program for the Study of The Future at the University of Massachusetts where his dissertation work focused on why populations and leaders would ignore warnings, even when the warning was factual, had reliable sources, and delivered directly to the people who could and should take evasive action.

Fran is a writer and frequent lecturer on threats to our basic life support systems of air, water, food, and energy.  His lectures and articles offer proven, cost-effective, and job creating solutions to those problems.  His research, coupled with extensive careers with progressive responsibility in Higher Education Administration, Peace Corps, Renewable Energy, and Healthcare, convinced him that it does no good to warn people about emerging problems or opportunities if you cannot also furnish them with an acceptable alternative path.

 "Telling leaders that the sky is going to fall only makes them feel impotent, discouraged, and resistant," says Fran, "unless you can also hand them an umbrella and a map to safe shelter.  If a problem is pointed out without furnishing a solution, the recipient of the warning reacts psychologically by blocking the warning.  This means leaders cannot hear, and thus cannot lead in positive directions."



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