Posted by: Francis Koster Published: March 6, 2009

Utilities Loan Customers Money for Energy Conservation!

Residential Energy Conservation Loan Programs.  The electric utility loans money to the consumer, who buys energy saving home improvements, lowers the electric bill, and pays the loan back in the electric bill.  The consumer gets a home improvement for no out of pocket expense, the utility does not have to build new generating capacity, and global climate change is reduced.

Florida - City of Tallahassee Utilities - Efficiency and Solar Water-Heating Loans

Applicable Sectors: Residential

The City of Tallahassee Utilities offers loans with an interest rate of 5% for 25 different energy-saving measures, including but not limited to solar water-heating systems, refrigerators, electric central air conditioning units, natural gas heating, electric heat pumps, natural gas ranges or oven, natural gas fire logs, ceiling insulation, and tank or tankless gas water heaters. For a full list of available energy measures and detailed information on the loan process, use the online request form or call the utility's energy services department at 891-4YOU (4968). Learn more...

Florida - Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc - Energy Conservation Loans

Applicable Sectors: Residential

Clay Electric Cooperative, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, covers 14 North Florida counties, including Gainesville, Keystone Heights, Lake City, Orange Park, Palatka, and Salt Springs. It offers low interest loans to help customers finance energy efficiency improvements for their homes. Customers can borrow up to $5,000 for improvements such as high efficiency heat pumps, insulation and certain high efficiency appliances. Recently added to the loan program are high reflectance metal roofing, solar thermal water heating and solar pool heating. Basic qualifications for an energy conservation loan include a good credit history, good payment record with Clay Electric and service with Clay Electric for one year. An energy survey is required. Learn more...

Florida - Gainesville Regional Utilities- Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Applicable Sectors: Residential

Gainesville Regional Utilities offers a three percent annual interest loan for pre-approved items including the ENERGY STAR refrigerators, high efficiency central air conditioning systems, and solar electric photovoltaic systems. This loan is being offered to encourage the installation of energy efficient products and equipment that will reduce energy use and save customers money. The program allows residential electric customers who own their home to borrow money through 1st Credit Union of Gainesville to make energy efficient improvements. Learn more...

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