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Communities Sparking Investments in Transformative Energy (C-SITE) Grant (Exp. May 31, 2024)

The Communities Sparking Investments in Transformative Energy (C-SITE) Grant provides an anticipated $18 million for local governments and federally-recognized Indian Tribes to implement clean energy projects in disadvantaged communities, energy communities, small- and medium-sized jurisdictions, and Tribal communities.  Sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), this funding opportunity supports the Office of State and Community Energy Program's (SCEP) Local Government Energy Program (LGEP).


The program entails direct financial awards and technical assistance to recipients who deliver local community benefits from clean energy, such as reduced energy costs and improved air quality, that catalyze additional investments in long-term community development.

DOE will prioritize projects with the following characteristics:

  • Clear, demonstrated support from local community partners and relevant decision-makers,
  • Significant benefits to workers and local residents, and
  • Transformation of existing community liabilities into assets.

Eligible Entities

Eligible prime recipients for this FOA are restricted to local or Tribal governments representing ANY of the following kinds of communities:
1. Disadvantaged communities;
2. Energy communities; or
3. Small- and medium-sized jurisdictions.

Local Governments are defined as jurisdictions that include, but are not limited to, ANY of the following:

  • Cities, towns, villages and Councils of Government;
  • Counties, including on behalf of unincorporated communities;
  • Special districts and joint powers authorities;
  • Municipally- or Tribally-owned utilities; and
  • Metropolitan or regional planning organizations.

Eligible Activities

DOE welcomes broadly diverse, "transformative projects," 12 to 26 months in duration, that illustrate a variety of technologies, approaches, and models tailored to local community contexts.

The range of technology areas under the grant's jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to, building efficiency and/or electrification, clean transportation, energy infrastructure upgrades, microgrid development and deployment, renewable energy, and workforce development.  All projects must include meaningful community engagement.

Projects funded through this award may include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades and on-site battery storage for a community resilience hub/s located in a disadvantaged community.
  • Tribal partner-owned solar plus storage microgrid independent power project providing power to remote households.
  • Municipally-owned utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) installation on reclaimed industrial land accessing relevant tax credits.
  • Downtown revitalization led by public/private partnership creating energy efficient buildings primed for reuse for business or community use.
  • Electric vehicle ride-sharing program aimed at serving low-income residents to increase mobility and access to economic opportunities.

Additional examples of projects that may be funded through this award are provided in Appendix C of the full announcement located within DOE's Funding Opportunity Exchange.


Total Funding:  $18 million

Number of Awards:  5 to 20

Minimum Award Size:  $900,000

Maximum Award Size:  $3,600,000

Cost Share: reduced to 5%; may be met through staff time, municipal or Tribal budgets, philanthropic funds, or other contributions from a third-party entity to support project implementation or increase impact. The cost share must come from non-federal sources unless otherwise allowed by law and may also be met through the contribution of in-kind services that advance the proposed project.

Important Date

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024, at 5 pm

Next Steps

To learn more about this grant, download the full announcement and related documents within the DOE's Funding Opportunity Exchange.

Before submitting an application, each applicant (unless excepted from those requirements under 2 CFR 25.110) is required to: (1) register in the System for Award Management (SAM); and (2) provide a valid Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number in the application.

To apply to this FOA, applicants must register with and submit application materials through SCEP’s Online Application Portal by May 31, 2024 at 5pm.  Full applications explain details of the project proposal, team qualifications, budget and workplan, community engagement, and community benefits.

FOA Number: DE-FOA-0003229
FOA Type: Initial
Assistance Listing Number: 81.086

For further information, email
For difficulties related to the Funding Opportunity Exchange ("Infrastructure Exchange"), email (include FOA name and number in subject line).

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